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April 30, 2008


Alan Rothstein

Did you know that you can profit from Wigix without even selling products? Sign up for free and become a category expert, add products to the catalog for 5% profit sharing and sign up friends and make money on their profits.

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Steve Fouracre

Try bideasi also, bideasi has exactly the same concept as Wigix, but without the issues that you have pointed out above.

Bill Burnham

Hi David,

Thanks for the link to my post. Let me "talk my own book" and respond to some of the very valid points you raise.

In terms of the variability of items, sellers on Wigix can indeed attach pictures and descriptions that are specific to their item. They also can provide owner-specific data such as current condition, color, etc. so sellers and buyers should still be able to get most if not all of the item specific information they currently get on EBay. The variability of items does limit the utility of data comparability but that obviously improves with volume and even at low volumes is better than nothing.

In terms of tracking stuff, I think Wigix would argue that the reason stuff tracking hasn't worked in the past is that there has been very little utility to it. You just kind of make a list (usually unstructured)and it sits there. Wigix's stuff tracking is theoretically better because once you register your stuff you get persistent benefits such as updates on market pricing, awareness of what friends/fellow collectors are doing, special offers from product manufacturers, permanent "make me sell" listings, etc. We'll see if that's compelling enough or not, but it is different.

In terms of ratings, yes you are correct to point out that this feature is not enabled yet, although the groundwork for it has been laid. I think you will shortly see a rating system that is far superior to what other sites offer because it relies on verified data and community input in addition to pure transactions data. The Ebay data comes from a public API that they publish. If they do shut it down, there are plenty of less elegant work arounds.

I will make sure to add your feed to my reader!

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