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April 21, 2008


local company search

Each of the 384 business directory categories has only 16 businesses listed to ensure that the competition is minimized. But if you expect that changing your appearance will drastically change your life, think again. Website Optimization requires fine tuning of the content on your website.


IDG invest preference in China:
1, Projects in their early-stage, relatively simple shareholder structure, and need not so large investment.
2, Projects innovative in technology or business mode.
3, Most unique and important, when begin to invest, to satisfied the need and ability of expansion is the priority, not profit making mode. Even there is no specific profit mode, IDG will still invest if the project can satisfied some needs. Tencent, Thunder, Kaola, for instance.

This feature shows that although the online video website user increasing in a dramatic speed, there is no one good profit mode emerged. Especially when YouTube been purchased by Google. Many Chinese video website like Tudou, Youku, lost their exemplary model. However IDG seems did not lose their faith in this field.

Investments in 51edu(education online), YOKA(fashion online), Competitor (Sports nutritive supplements producer) represent the diversification strategy that IDG recently adopted.

And more, IDG always keep a close relationship with start-ups and their circles. And, they do not mind hold for a long term. (for example, a famous real estate portals, soufun.com, 1995-2005)

The success of IDG can be concluded as follows:
1, they are the early birds; IDG is the first VC firm investing in China. In this period of china, all the industries is upgrading, the need of financing is changing a great deal. When other firm is still biding their time, IDG entered wisely.

2, the personal contribution of Xiong xiaoge. Xiong xiaoge is now the Senior Vice-President and being referred to as majordomo of IDG China. Xiong worked as an English teacher,then a journalist in China in1970s. In 1980s he studied in Boston University and Fletcher School of Laws and Diplomacy. Introduced by his tutor, he worked for Canas Corporation for 3 years that is also where he meets Patrick McGovern, the founder of IDG.

3, IDG in China enjoy a continuous success. The successful investments IDG made have wide social influence which inspiring the potential entrepreneur and graduates. That is the reason IDG keeping have opportunities to meet new business ideas. Xiong was also the judge of a famous CCTV reality show “Win in China” which enlarge his influence, even if people don’t know about IDG in China they know about Xiong.

The real “Innovation” may not clearly emerge yet, China never lack of the motive power of being innovative and the social foundation of starting new business. The strategy of IDG is specific and appropriate; highly follow the trend to satisfy the Chinese economic situation and the need of entrepreneurs.


hi,David,I'm glad to find VC in chicago keeps interest in China!
I come from China and I'm MBA student in UIC now. Then I will back to China and work for a chinese VC after graduate.

If we can exchange our ideas or share some information, it will be helpful.

my email:
[email protected]

thank you!

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