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April 29, 2008


Mark G.

Hi David,

My name is Mark Goldenson and I'm CEO/co-founder of PlayCafe. I noticed you posted about us so I wanted to say hello and answer some of your questions.

On using social networks, we definitely agree and have been experimenting with different ways to use them. We have accepted answers to our weekly questions through Twitter, enhanced our social network pages, and encouraged widget embeds. We've looked hard at developing a Facebook application but it's a tricky given the saturation of apps and reduced virality that's available. It's an option we're constantly evaluating.

On the technical issues, it was very frustrating for us as it looks like there was a denial of service attack on our site during the Ken Jennings event. We're still learning the details and are working to figure out a proper prevention for the future.

On metrics, I can tell you that the average playing session during our two live hours is 86 minutes per player per session. This is quite high for a website. Also, 45% of first time players come back to play again within a week.

Feel free to reach out if you or your readers have questions: [email protected]



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