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I just changed the title of this blog and will start posting after a long, long pause. I recently changed jobs/careers, leaving Microsoft's Corporate Strategy Group and joining MK Capital, a VC firm in Chicago that invests nationwide. The new title reflects the reaction I would get when telling people about my new job. It was actually pretty amusing. On the west coast there is a clear bias against the midwest - weather-wise and "tech-wise". And, to be frank, a few months ago I would not have considered going back to Chicago. But a good opportunity came up and we decided to take the chance.

I am hoping to post much more regularly. It was sometimes difficult to post in my previous job - not because it was discouraged, rather the exposure I had to certain information made it not "feel right" to post about some topics. And I was also lazy about it.

I'll post about things that interest me in tech and business. I will also try to post about doing VC out of Chicago and relevant experiences. As before, my main goal is to put up my thoughts for posterity and review in the future.


Legal Disclaimer

All opinions in this blog are mine alone and not affiliated in any way with MK Capital or any MK Capital portfolio company. Nothing in this blog should be considered investment or financial advice.